2020 the year for silver to shine

2020:The year for silver to shine

The events of the year 2020 mark the year as one of the most dramatic, monumental years in human history. In the year 2020, many records have been broken and turning points reached. Unfortunately, most of the milestones reached were for all the wrong reasons. There are exceptions among the abysmal events of 2020. The …

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Morgan Silver Dollar Coins

The Morgan Dollar is probably the most known silver coin of the United States of America. The reason for this might be that it was the first standard silver dollar minted after the Coinage Act of 1873. According to Wikipedia, The Coinage Act of 1873 abolished the rights of silver bullion owners to have their …

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stacks of gold bars

Why buy gold and silver

There are many reasons to buy gold and silver. With the current economic uncertainty, it may be the best time than ever to include gold and silver as part of a strategy to protect your buying power, to expand your wealth or to collect it for its beauty. Precious metal has over a period of …

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2018 silver eagle coin

American Silver Eagle Coin

First struck at the San Francisco Mint on 26 November 1986 as a means to get rid of the defense national stockpile, the American Silver Eagle Coin still today endures as a means of value to the average investor and collector. Features The obverse has the popular Walking Lady Liberty design by Adolph Weinman, inscribed …

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How to start a coin collection

Since the very first coin was minted, humans collected. These collections were for various different reasons. In general, gold and silver are the most popular, because of the scarcity of the metal itself that results in value.

Enter The Coin

Yet we can never tell the story of mankind without mentioning one of the basic principles that personify the individual: Trade/barter/currency or monetary systems.