Why buy gold and silver

There are many reasons to buy gold and silver. With the current economic uncertainty, it may be the best time than ever to include gold and silver as part of a strategy to protect your buying power, to expand your wealth or to collect it for its beauty.

Precious metal has over a period of thousands of years been with humans and it is currently being traded worldwide. Gold and silver are regarded as the “true” storage of value, because of it’s rare qualities as well as the mere costs to mine it. In many cases, these precious metals are enhanced with remarkable and significant artwork. Gold and silver can be obtained by private individuals in various forms. Briefly, these forms include

  • Bullion: Any item of precious metal that is measured in weight and cast in bars and rounds. Bullion is bought by “stackers” who buy it purely for its scarce metal content.
  • Coins: A coin is struck at the mint and contains an element of artistry. Some coins are created based on themes, others focus on specific dates, events, or series.
  • Jewelry boasts uniqueness, beauty, refined elegance and masterism by skilled craftsmen and craftswomen. Other than its mere value, jewelry makes a statement, revealing a certain style and technique.

Here are some reasons why it is a good idea to buy gold and silver

  • Precious metal is useful in industry because it is resistant to corrosion. Silver is only second to oil as the world’s most useful commodity.
  • Gold and silver are used in jewelry because of its beautiful color, malleability and resistance against the elements.
  • Gold and silver are perfect hedges against inflation to preserve buying power as it can withstand the fickle of economies and politics
  • Gold and silver provide options for diversifying and spread risk among different asset classes.
  • At times of crises, these metals have never failed to protect and preserve value.
  • Speculating characteristics of gold and silver. By buying gold and silver at the right time you have the potential to make a profit in the short or long term.
  • Gold and silver are classified as legal tender and have all the characteristics of real money.
  • Due to the fact that there is a limited quantity of gold and silver available it is “real” money that cannot be manipulated like fiat currencies.
  • Gold and silver are worldwide accepted and have roughly the same value irrespective of your geographical location.
  • People collect gold and silver coins for their precious metal content, its artistry and beauty elements as well as its rarity.
  • Gold and silver are beautiful well-fitted gifts from its various forms. Gold and silver’s beauty and elegance can store value and last many generations.
  • Collecting gold and silver as a leisure activity and hobby is important for stress relief. Coin collecting has been appealing since before the Roman Empire.

Pharaoh gold plated statue


There are many reasons why people of all ages embark on buying gold and silver. These reasons vary from purely economic reasons as investments, risk aversion, making a profit to pure recreational purposes, and the joy of it.

Whether it is passing a legacy over to the kids that is tangible and real or for self-fulfillment and enrichment. The buying and storage of gold and silver have been around for thousands of years and in this uncertain times, it is more relevant than ever as an asset class that can protect you against unavoidable risk.

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