Silver Maple Leaf Coin Review Canadian landscape

Silver Maple Leaf Coin Review

Introduction Eleven years after the Maple Leaf Gold Coin was issued, the Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) surprised the world with the first-ever silver bullion coin to achieve a purity level of .9999. RCM meant business with the Silver Maple Leaf Coin. Its inception was a huge success and the Silver Maple Leaf Coin grew to …

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silver eagle coins review by numismatic traders

Silver Eagle Coins – Review

Welcome to Numismatic Traders! We are looking at the most popular silver bullion coin in the world in our: Silver Eagle Coins – Review.  The success of the American Silver Eagle in the silver bullion market can be compared to the success achieved by the Krugerrand in the gold bullion market. Even though the Krugerrand’s …

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gold buffalo coin review

Gold Buffalo Coin Review

Today we are reviewing the first 1 oz .9999 fine gold coin produced by the US Mint and currently the purest gold coin offered by the US Mint. The hunger for 24-karat bullion gold did not escape the attention of the US Mint following the success of the Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coin. It took …

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1 oz Austrian Philharmonic gold coin with the Vienna Musikverein

Review of the 1 oz Austrian Philharmonic Gold Coin

Welcome to Numismatic Traders! We review the 1 oz Austrian Philharmonic Gold Coin also known as Vienna Philarmonic or simply “Philarmonic”. The 1 oz Philharmonic Gold Coin is regarded by many as the most reliable bullion coin in the world. Its reliability is depicted by the fact that this coin’s design has remained exactly the …

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gold britannia coins various designs on union jack

Gold Britannia Coins Review

Britannia rules the oceans, but does she rule bullion gold coins as well? The official gold bullion coin of Great Britain is the Britannia Series. The Royal Mint followed in the footsteps of the Krugerrand and the American Gold Eagle by issuing Gold Britannia Coins with a purity of 91.7% gold (22-K gold) in 1987. …

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Australian gold nuggets coin with flag background

Australian Gold Nuggets

Australia has more gold to offer than merely the Australian Gold Coast. This country is well known for its vast and rich quantities of minerals and resources including its gold production. In the year 2019, Australia produced the second-most gold after China. Australian Gold Nuggets are gold bullion coins that have been minted by the …

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numismatic traders american eagle feature image

The American Gold Eagle Coin

What more can be said about the most popular U.S. Mint gold coin? The American Gold Eagle coin can be classified as an alloyed gold coin because it contains 91.7% gold with the remainder alloy of 5.33% copper and 3% silver. The American Gold Eagle can be classified with its ancestor the Krugerrand which has …

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Maple Leaf gold coin on Canadian flag

The Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coin

The Krugerrand highlighted the need for private citizens to take ownership of their own gold bullion. Individuals revealed an appetite for gold. The Krugerrand was dominating the gold market and South Africa was not shy to produce gold from its deep mines. The Krugerrand had a good run from 1967, as the first pure gold …

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