gold bars vs gold coins how to buy gold

Gold Bars vs Gold Coins

In our series of how to buy gold and silver, we are entering a very interesting debate when we look at Gold Bars vs Gold Coins. Currently, we are spoilt for choice because both bars and coins are widely available at low prices in terms of the real dollar value after adjusting it for inflation. …

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how to buy gold and silver - paper gold vs physical gold

How to buy gold and silver – Paper Gold vs Physical Gold

Welcome to Numismatic Traders! Hey, do you want more information on how to buy gold and silver? Did you know that it’s possible to take ownership of gold and silver beyond its physical form and to invest in “paper gold”?   Previously we delved into the physical elements of gold and silver. Then we looked at …

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how to buy gold and silver what price should I pay

How to buy gold and silver – what price should I pay?

Many people are confused about the spot price when they are talking about how to buy gold and silver. People that are new to buying gold and silver expect to pay the spot price and make claims such as “I know what the spot price is and I will not be fooled to pay more”.  …

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how to buy gold and silver what is gold and silver

How to buy gold and silver: what is gold and silver

Welcome to Numismatic Traders! In the quest to obtain knowledge about how to buy gold and silver, it is important to understand what is gold and silver.  Most people have encountered gold and silver as expensive artifacts when buying jewelry. Those jewelry items are associated with gifts or declarations of love. Jewelry handed to a …

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JP Morgan's manipulation of markets

JP Morgan’s manipulation of precious metal prices

Years of rumors and conspiracy theories about price manipulation in precious metal markets have been confirmed on 29 September 2020. JP Morgan Chase & Co admitted wrongdoing and agreed to pay over  $920 million in a criminal monetary penalty, criminal disgorgement and victim compensation to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) on charges of JP …

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Australian gold nuggets coin with flag background

Australian Gold Nuggets

Australia has more gold to offer than merely the Australian Gold Coast. This country is well known for its vast and rich quantities of minerals and resources including its gold production. In the year 2019, Australia produced the second-most gold after China. Australian Gold Nuggets are gold bullion coins that have been minted by the …

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stacks of gold bars

Why buy gold and silver

There are many reasons to buy gold and silver. With the current economic uncertainty, it may be the best time than ever to include gold and silver as part of a strategy to protect your buying power, to expand your wealth or to collect it for its beauty. Precious metal has over a period of …

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